About our Hort

The Chocolate Butterflies Kindergarten provides high quality care and education for boys and girls between three and six years of age, including a full year of pre-schooling program for those in the last kindergarten year. The kindergarten welcomes children of all cultural backgrounds. As a parents‘ initiative, the kindergarten welcomes and depends on parents‘ involvement.

Our program

Our educational program is based on bilingual education, complemented by elements of traditional kindergarten teaching. In this way, the learning and development program we can offer our children is kept as broad and varied as possible. Children receive individual attention in an open and caring environment. They experience ideal nurturing of their self-awareness, the joy of their own achievements and a heightening of their social competence. Our community of children and parents from different cultural  backgrounds has resulted in a family-like atmosphere of tolerance and friendliness at our kindergarten. On account of the high level of cultural diversity and openness at the kindergarten,  the kindergarten leaves religious education entirely in the parents‘ hands. 

The fun way to become bilingual!

Appropriate activities for each age group, including fun and games, are used to support the early learning of both languages. At our kindergarten, the English and German languages are treated with the same importance. The teachers speak to the children in their own native tongue, i.e. the English-speaking teachers use English and the German-speakers use German when talking to the children. Due to the high teacher-child ratio, we can offer ideal encouragement, not just for language learning. The various activities in kindergarten, e.g. circle time, art or sports, are carried out in the native tongue of the teacher responsible.

Traditional kindergarten activities

Furthermore, our educational program is enhanced by varied aspects of traditional kindergarten teaching.

The characteristic method of kindergarten teaching promotes individual encouragement in accordance with each child’s own stage of development. A broad range of materials help the children to develop their personality, e.g. easels, a selection of books (regularly changed), jigsaw puzzles and games. 

Classic kindergarten activities include…

  • circle time, where various topics are discussed, a story is shared, or songs are sung,
  • the building corner with varied materials (Brio model railway, wooden pieces, Lego, marbles and natural materials) and
  • the doll corner with regularly changing items (doll kitchen, dress-up box, medical kit, shop).

The children are encouraged to use the entire range of fun and games. We change the materials several times each year to harmonize with the children’s stage of development, to keep their senses stimulated and to promote the children’s creativity.  

In addition to traditional kindergarten work, the entire time at kindergarten is also a time for preparing to go to school. The children are introduced to the basics required for school  (colors, shapes, numbers, etc.).  They are also taught how to hold a pen properly, learn how to cut (in order to train their dexterity), as well as participate in exercises to improve their concentration. The development of the children’s social behavior plays a crucial role. 

In the last year of kindergarten before starting school we prepare the children for school with an intensive program.  The „big kids“ go on extra field trips and have pre-school lessons at least once a week, during which activities are offered that correspond to their age and developmental stage.

Educational Concept Kindergarten and After-School Hort (DE version)

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