Our team for Kindergarten & Hort

Nidhi – Head Teacher Kindergarten & English Teacher

My name is Nidhi. I was born and brought up in India. Over the last forty years, I have lived and worked in many different countries, so I proudly call myself a global citizen now. Munich is home for me and my family since August 2017, we love it here. My passion is running and I am a member of a runners group in Munich. I am happy to share that I have been lucky to run quite a few races in Germany. The best one so far has been the Munich Marathon. I am a qualified educator with experience of teaching in primary schools in London, Singapore and India. I am glad to be a part of the Chocolate Butterflies team now. It is a place with happy teachers and happy children. We try to make everyday a fun learning experience for the children and the staff. I strongly believe in image of the child, at all times we should remind them how capable and strong they are and support them in a positive way with the things they are struggling with. I look forward to making new discoveries with the children and enjoying the little wonders.

Magdalena – Kindergarten English Teacher

My name is Magdalena and I am proud to call Chocolate Butterflies Kindergarten and Hort my new home! I was born and raised in Poland. I grew up at the seaside. And I am always more than happy to be back there. I have the most wonderful daughter and I am also a mummy to a playful dog! I am a qualified early childhood teacher with a passion for children‘s learning and care, and experienced in working in several preschools. I have worked with children of different ages, and captured pedagogical experience also in other institutions, like an orphanage, a Montessori Kindergarten, a Primary School in London, an ABC language school and a Catholic Mission School. My wish for our kids is that they see the light in this world, in themselves and in others. I see the light in them!!

Thaiana – Kindergarten English Teacher

Hello, I’m Thaiana, originally from Brazil, I lived in the UK for 16 years before moving to Munich in June 2020. I am married for over 13 years and we have an amazing 3.5 year old daughter. We love to travel and learn about different cuisines and cultures.

I graduated in Psychology and have a master’s degree in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law. I have volunteered with children in the favelas in Brazil, as well as child-minding and after school care and anti-bullying projects in secondary school in the UK. I have also worked in a bilingual Kinderkrippe / Kindergarten.
I was always fascinated by the ability children have to absorb information and the way they interact with the world. They are always so positive and have the most creative ways of solving problems. I like to see children as equals, and someone who has the ability to change the word for the better. I like to pass as much love and support to the children as I can, showing children that we are all flowers in a garden, that we all have different a beauty. I also believe that with careful guidance and tending each child’s potential can be brought to the fullest.
I am extremely lucky to be able to work in a field I love. Being part of CB I hope I can help to make their future as bright as it can be.

Christina – Kindergarten English Teacher – Maternity Leave –

My name is Christina and I come from Greece. Since I was a little child, I always loved being creative, curious, and helpful. While deciding to follow this profession I was dreaming of the full of joy experiences and playful moments I could give and earn when interacting with my little friends.
In 2020 I decided to move in Munich, and I was super excited to meet new people and places. Alongside my studies and after, I have gained experience with children of all ages by working in After-school-care centers in Greece and as a babysitter here in Munich. Since February 2022 I am a proud member of Chocolate-Butterflies team as an English speaking Educator. So far it has been one of the best experiences of my life, to work in this international environment with its lovely children and warm-hearted colleagues.

Felix – Kindergarten German Teacher

My name is Felix Wolf, I’ve joined Chocolate Butterflies in November 2022, at the age of 23. I am from Munich and completed my training as an educator here in the summer 2022. Since the beginning of my education I have been involved in intercultural pedagogy, which is one of the reasons why I chose Chocolate Butterflies. The diversity of nationalities, in the team and among the families, creates many opportunities to teach the children tolerance and an open approach to their environment. In my work, I like to be out in nature and explore it together with the children. I particularly enjoy working with children because no two days are the same. You have a varied daily routine and get direct feedback from the children on everything you do.

Tea – Head Teacher Hort & English Teacher

My name is Tea and I come from Croatia. I have spent my childhood and youth there, and that is where I went to school. In 2017 I obtained my M. Ed in English and Italian and I soon got a job in an elementary school as an English teacher. Alongside my primary work, I also worked for several private language schools where I taught English and Italian to various age groups. Although I have also taught adults, I prefer working with kids because they are so genuine. I enjoy helping them discover new cultures and broaden their mindsets. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves and I want to play a role in their growth. In my free time, I love playing different sports. I have a black belt in Karate and I have been a handball referee for the past 10 years. Besides these two sports, I love playing squash, badminton and rollerblading, and I particularly enjoy long walks with my dog. I moved to Munich in 2020 and I am very proud to call myself a Chocolate Butterfly.

Edita – Hort English Teacher

My name is Edita and I grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In April 2019, I moved to Munich and soon after that I was lucky to find a job in the Kindergarten & Hort Chocolate Butterflies. I always enjoyed spending time with children and during my studies I have worked as a nanny. After I graduated, I worked as a certified editor for online and print media outlets focused on the upbringing, health and education of children and young people. This work gave me both personal and professional fulfillment and I am very happy for the opportunity to continue my work in this unique child care community. I enjoy nurturing children’s curiosity and creativity and seeing them grow and learn. Most of all, I like how genuine and honest our youngsters are in everything they do and I am glad to positively contribute to their education and personal development.

Ludwig – Hort German Teacher

My name is Ludwig and I was born in rural Bavaria but spent a great deal of my childhood and youth in Nova Scotia, Canada.
After I completed my master’s degree in communication science at the LMU Munich I worked in the media for a while. Eventually I wanted to seek out a new challenge and become an educator as my
wish to make more of a social contribution grew stronger and stronger.
This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Seeing that I can make a positive impact in accompanying kids on their path to becoming self-determined and responsible people is the greatest
reward I could possibly wish for in a job. They are our future after all!
Music and sports are among my greatest passions and I absolutely love how I am able to incorporate that into my work with the kids.
Children have endless curiosity and I love how being an educator requires me to constantly discover and learn new things alongside the kids. I am proud to be a part of Chocolate Butterflies because it
checks all the boxes of what I feel a great daycare should offer.

Rumi – Music Teacher

Playing music and singing with children has always been something that I have enjoyed. And so, I began my work with Chocolate Butterflies while doing my studies for my music degree in 2003. In doing so I realized that the joy the children have while making music is the most important thing. They should develop a musical foundation and be allowed to move and dance as they wish, they should develop a feeling for rhythm but most of all they should laugh while doing it. I work as a freelance music teacher in kindergartens, day care centers and in an elementary school. In addition, I founded a music theater, together with pianist Monika Moll called klang & farben. Here we bring drama together with traditional/classical music. In 2009, I completed my training in Breathing Therapy (respiratory therapy) according to Herta Richter and since then work together in groups or with individuals. In April 2016, I successfully completed my exams to become a registered German Naturopath.

Ramona – Sports Teacher

My name is Ramona Arendt, and I am a state-certified sports & gymnastics teacher and personal trainer. A love for nature, of being outside and of using the body as an instrument to experience many great things with it have been a constant life companion. Through my years of experience in competitive sports, I know what our body is made for: to MOVE

Since 2016 I have been teaching the children in the area of sports, and I have to say that time with the children provides the best hours of my week. The playful use of basic motor skills, such as climbing, jumping, balancing, and running, but also team tasks are so easy & effective. Outside in the wind & weather, I show the children how to use Mother Nature as a playground and a place to learn. I am incredibly grateful to see and feel the development of the children very closely and to be able to pass on my experience to them.


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