Welcome to the Chocolate Butterflies After School Hort

Chocolate Butterflies, the oldest German-English kindergarten in Munich, is breaking new ground: since 2017 we are also offering an after school Hort group for around 20 children. Most Hort kids come from our kindergarten group. We also accept new school children of the elementary school at Gotzinger Platz in need of a Hort place. Parents should be willing to participate in Hort life and to be part of a lively, international community

What we are offering: 

  • a loving and professional childcare by trained educators
  • Qualified homework supervision in German
  • a bilingual environment throughout daily Hort life and an open concept with our kindergarten
  • an open-minded and familiar atmosphere
  • a healthy lunch
  • long opening hours from end of school to 5:30pm
  • full-day holiday daycare from 07:30am to 5:30pm, special activities and field trips during the school holidays (with no more than 30 closing days per year)
  • an experienced, welcoming and open, international parents community with strong communal values and spirit
  • a deep rootedness in our family-friendly district of Sendling

Chocolate Butterflies’ concept is based on a situational educational concept. Our focus is on individual care; building self-esteem, developing social skills, and helping the children to find pleasure in their accomplishments. They are encouraged to act in a self-reliant and responsible way and supported in developing a sense of their own time management. Music, sports, festivities and all kinds of outside activities play an essential part in our daily life.

German and English speech development is taught in a playful and age appropriate manner and free of pressure. The teachers – one English and one native German speaker – only use their language in teaching the children.

As a parents initiative we are a non-profit association and are being funded by the City department of education and sports.

Educational Concept Kindergarten and After-School Hort  here.

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